Tanjung Keluang

9 November 2016
Far from the crowded tourists, this place is a sanctuary of tranquility and peace, where the land, sea and people unite. Not only a beach, Tanjung Keluang is home of a small conservation project by Indonesian Nature Conservancy Agency to preserve and release Green & Hawkbill Turtles. Notable vegetation in Tanjung Keluang are Sea Pine and Mangrove, while for wildlife lover, the island also hosts water weasels.Fishing, swimming, banana boat, and observing the turtle conservation are interesting options worth considering.
Camping is also really fun to do, so bring your own tent and any supporting tools for your comfort. Check for information on banana boat and turtle conservation with your tour guide who will be pleased to assist you. For a unique experience, trekking is also recommended.With flora and fauna to complement the ecosystem, Tanjung Keluang is a perfect location to relax and enjoy the nature.

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