Traditional Snacks of Kalimantan Tengah

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13 November 2016

There are dozens of types of traditional snacks from Kalimantan which are also recognized as traditional snacks of Central Kalimantan. No doubt, culinary riches here have many influences from various tribes who live in Kalimantan,particularly Banjarnese. Like most regions in Kalimantan, in local language, traditional snack is called as “wadai”. Even though some of them are available only during special occasion, yet many of them are easily found and sold in small warungs (food shop), such as wadai ilat sapi, wadai bingka, and wadai jorong.

Wadai Jorong

Easy to make, the main ingredients are rice flour and sago flour, wadai jorong has smooth taste, sweet, combined with fragrant pandan leaves as mold. In local language, this mold is called “takir”.

wadai jorong

Wadai Jorong

Wadai Bingka

One of favorite traditional snacks which are usually brought as souvenirs is wadai bingka. Potato as main ingredients, in addition to the original flavor, bingka has also many flavor depending on its additional ingredients, such as jackfruit, young coconut, and durian. Whichever you choose, guaranteed to pamper your taste buds.


Ilat sapi means cow tongue. No, no, it’s not meant literally as the main ingredients of this snack is wheat flour and liquid brown (coconut) sugar. Wadai ilat sapi is usually sold in small shops around Kampung Mendawai, Pangkalan Bun. To accompany your tea or coffee time in the afternoon, wadai ilat sapi is just a perfect match!

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