Tanjung Puting

day 1


Upon arrival at Pangkalan Bun Airport the tour guide will take you to Kumai by Kelotok (boat). A captain and a cook will come along the journey as part of the onboard services. Your Kelotok will stop at the first rehabilitation center for orangutan at Tanjung Harapan. The feeding time is at 3pm. As the Kelotok cruise down, you can enjoy the fascinating moment of the monkeys’ presence along the riverside. The lodge near the river is worth considering as a place to stay overnight in the forest

day 2


After having breakfast, you will take another one hour river cruise to the second camp of the national park, Camp Pondok Tanggui. You may have the chances to see the primates and wild birds from the boat. On landing, another 1km light trek through Pondok Tanggui Camp is required to reach the feeding platform of the orangutans. The feeding activity starts at 9am daily.

On the way to the famous Camp Leakey, your lunch will be served on the boat. Feel the excitement of a typical jungle sight and sound where sometimes you will get a welcoming surprise by the appearances of the semi-wild orangutan residents on your arrival.

There is a large population of orangutans in Camp Leakey as permanent residents where you can witness firsthand the biodiversity of the Borneo tropical rain forest. Supplementary feeding for the orangutans starts at 2pm

day 3


Enjoy your fresh breakfast before heading to Camp Pesalat to see the reforestation project and join the tree adoption program. In two hours you will be arriving to Kumai harbor and have a one day tour in Pangkalan Bun by visiting Istana Kuning ( a historical Sultan Palace), Arut River and having culinary delights at the local restaurants.

day 4


Visit traditional Borneo market, enjoy the local foods and easy interaction with the villagers are the best way to end the journey with full of memories.

The tour offers you flexibility on the journey and your tour guide may encourage you to explore interesting aspects about the ecosystem in the camp. In the evening you will spend an adventurous night in the forest by staying at the lodge or on the boat.