Seruyan District

Babukung Festival
18 November 2016

Seruyan shares part of the territory as what we recognize as Tanjung Puting National Park. Due to the location whose access is limited compared to Kotawaringin Barat, Seruyan certainly offers many hidden nature gems to explore. Secluded and unspoiled waterfalls with various trekking challenges to conquer, dense tropical forest to unveil, and tranquil black water river cheered with wildlife to uncover. The post trip experience will be awesomely unforgettable.

Living local culture is another tourism potential as well in Seruyan. Such as in Bangkal Village, despite being surrounded by palm oil plantations, the Dayak Tomuan people there still preserves their culture treasures. Like other Dayak villages, sapundu and sandung, with colorful patterns and shapes, can be seen when we enter the village. Traditional ceremonies, such as “tiwah”, are still preserved

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