Hiring a Klotok in Kumai to explore Tanjung Puting National Park

Sunday October 30th, 2016
30 October 2016

The best way to enjoy the company of Bornean Orangutan and visit Tanjung PutingNational Park, is no doubts hiring a Klotok, a wooden traditional boat retrofitted to satisfy tourist’s needs.

The accommodation is not luxurious, but really practical and at direct contact with the nature around. There is a bottom deck where the crew is working and sleeping, and a top deck where the tourists are spending their time. Here meals and snacks are served on the dining area, where there is free tea and coffee available all day long, and at night the top deck is transforming on the sleeping quarter with a king size mattress and a mosquito net.


There are no cabins and the boats are open on the sides to allow visibility towards the forest, but in case of heavy rain they can be completely closed with removable tarps. The best place to stay is probably the front “terrace”, where to enjoy the show of Mother Nature passing by. A basic toilet on the back (ours was western style) is shared with the crew members and there is an Indonesian style shower with a bucket and river water.

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