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Delang, Lamandau

Tanjung Keluang
9 November 2016

The roadtrip takes approximately four to five hours of 200km to reach Delang from Pangkalan Bun. From Pangkalan Bun to Nanga Bulik is two hours of comfortable trip and another two-hour drive from Nanga Bulik to Delang.

Once you arrived in Delang, you will see the magnificent land with stunning views. The tranquil and beautiful Delang as conservation area of primary rainforest, allows you to see the beautiful forest during the journey. While you are in Delang Sub-District, staying at local people house in Lopus Village will surely give you a genuine experience of daily life there.



From simply strolling around the village and swimming in the Delang River, rafting or river tubing, trekking to the primary rainforests, joining your host to the farming field during harvest time, Pokdarwis (Tourism Awareness Group) “Kokoran Botuah” as the local organization who manages tourism activities in Lopus will assist you to organize your trip there.



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