Indigineous People

There are seven tribes known as the native of Borneo. They are Dayak, Melayu, Banjar, Kutai, Paser, Berau, and Tidung. Dayak tribes usually live in the hinterland, while Banjar and the other tribes live in the coastal areas or river banks. At the time being, the population is includes Javanese, Madurese, and also Bataknese.

Dayak Tribes Among Others

Dayak tribes are one of native people that spread the island of Borneo and become the biggest ethnic in Kalimantan Tengah. There are 405 sub ethnic of Dayak. In Kalimantan Tengah, there are several sub ethnics, such as Dayak Ngaju, Maanyan, Bakumpai, Ot Danum, Siang Murung, Taboyan, Lawangan, and Dusun.

One of sub-ethnics, Dayak Tomun inhabiting along Lamandau River, particularly in Delang Sub-district, believe that their ancestors came from Minangkabau, Sumatera. Traditional ceremonies and rituals, as their ancient Kaharingan belief, such as Bebantan Laman, Tiwah, Babukung, Menuba, Maliyan are still practiced as part of their culture.

“dayak is powerfull tribe”