Soto Manggala
9 November 2016

Amplang is Kalimantan Tengah’s favorite fish cracker snack made of starch, ikan Pipih (Notopterus chitala) or ikan Tenggiri (Scomberomorus/Wahoo fish). There are many common shapes for this snack, ranging from “Tiger claw” , Ping-Pong balls and rectangular/dice shape. It is very popular and spun many home industries that mix traditional flavor with more contemporary flavors like “rasa balado” (chili flavor).

The fact that amplang is also produced in other places in Kalimantan, Sumatera, or Java, and even in Malaysia is very interesting. No one knows where it is originally from. Yet amplang is also very popular as gift for those who visit Kalimantan Tengah and easily found from traditional shops to major retailer here.

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