Tanjung Puting is a name of a national park crossing two districts: Kotawaringin Barat and Seruyan, Kalimantan Tengah Province. Tanjung Puting National Park is identical with the conservation center for Bornean orangutan (Pongo pygmaeus) and also Camp Leakey, the legendary and the oldest orangutan release center. Tanjung Puting is the majestic second largest rainforest in the world with beautiful and meandering wide river canals, home to various wildlife and growth to natural resources, people and their culture, from inland to coastland. Tanjung Puting as a tourism destination is an overarching symbol not only for the national park, but also idyllic potential destination of Kotawaringin Barat, Seruyan to Lamandau to be reckoned with.

Tourism Destination Tanjung Puting is a concerted effort by FTKP (Forum Tata Kelola Pariwisata or Tourism Management Forum) Tanjung Puting, supported by Swisscontact WISATA and the Ministry of Tourism.

To invite the global community to Kalimantan Tengah is not an easy task and it is started with something they can relate to the central ideas of Tanjung Puting: Love of nature and its inhabitants (represented here in Orangutan).

The logo sung a universal language of trust, love and compassion. It expresses unconditional love of Orangutan and Borneo, the land they live on. They need each other and it is love that binds them together. Love is the soil where good things grow.

Orangutan is the major presence here to represent the center of attraction, the icon of Tanjung Puting, while in the center is Tanjung Puting in Borneo. The hug represents the love between Orangutan (inhabitants) and Borneo (the land where they live). The armor represents the Dayak motif with the coded colors of their culture. Letter “A” represents the typical Dayak houses with Hornbill wings pattern mounted on the top of houses and buildings.
Brown and green are two predominant colors in the logo, while the others represent elements of life in Central Borneo: Brown is an earthy color, suitable to represent the land, its people and the hair color of Orangutans. Green represents growth, living beings, the trees, leafs, forest and its inhabitants. Black represents strength & authority, the spirit of Dayak people. Red represents love, energy, and passion. Orange represents harvest and prosperity.

The Ultimate Borneo, is the tagline to represent Tanjung Puting as the main tourism destination to enjoy an unforgettable experience in the national park, natural biosphere and the largest Orangutan conservation center in the world, where visitors can view Orangutan in their natural habitat in the heart of Borneo rainforest.